Six Pack guru Dan

Who’s behind the successful ebook?

Hi, I’m Dan McCoy. I live in San Diego California and I really haven’t always been a sports enthusiast. Actually, I have been a physiotherapist working in a small doctor’s office working mostly with patients having back complaints. Until June 2010 when I went out to the beach in L.A. with my girlfriend. And I don’t know what struck me there, but I was amazed by all those great looking guys and girls with their flat bellies and sixpacks. And that’s when I thought: I want to be one of those guys.

So how did I become my sixpack?

Well I’m all about doing the things right. I don’t have a lot of time to play around, I needed results quickly. So I took three weeks off work, where I read EVERYTHING about muscles, nutrition and how they work together. Luckily, knew already a lot from my physiotherapist training. Moreover, I have some friends that are personal trainers and they know people at Harvard. And all of us, we sat together and put all the information on the table: How to get a sixpack as FAST and as HEALTHY as possible. The results are put togehter in that great ebook that you can get here.

Is there anything for free?

Oh absolutely! I´m not a fan myself of buying stuff, I can´t check out first. So I give you not just 1 or 2 pages to scan before you might buy, I give you 2 chapters and the index of the book.

Why am I sharing all of that?

Because it’s great content!!! It will rock your world when you see what’s possible by just tweaking your everyday habbits a little bit. That’s why I’ve put my ebook out here on the website so you can decide yourself: Loose time and money in the gym each month or doing it right for once.