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T a b l e   o f   C o n t e n t


  1. Take care of yourself (take a look inside)
  2. General information
  3. The abdominal muscle overview
    •          Fat covering the abdominal muscle
    •          Detailed information about abdominal muscleschecklist
  4. Top Secret Tipp: Getting a Six Pack
  5.  Nutrition (take a look inside)
    •          Calories vs. Carbs vs. fat
    •          Diets
    •          Insulin and glycemic index
    •          Calcium
    •          Your calory usage
    •          What to eat
    •          When to eat
    •          How much to eat
    •          Nutrition plan
  6. Weight vs. Cardiotraining
  7. Workout Routine
  8. Workout Sessions
    •          Excercises for upper abs
    •          Excercises for lower abs
    •          Excercises for oblique abs
    •          Excercises for lateral abs
    •          Combination
    •          Obstacles to overcam
    •          Stretch Exercise
    •          Top Ten workouts
  9. Top Ten Tipps
  10. Your individual workout
  11. Free bonus Tipps:
    1.          Stay Hydrated
    2.          Daily Routine
    3.          Free Bonus Card
    4.          FAQ

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