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Index – what’s in the book?

Get a quick impression, what the book is all about. Focusing on the basics first and than get into detail was my guideline here. Of course, everything is perfekt adjusted to the goal “How to get a SixPack”.  For many years now I work on these chapters and provided you a perfect an well proven as well as tested knowledge how to get the most out of your training.

Muscle overview

Before you train, get in touch with what you train

I found it exciting and very useful to actually know which muscles I have, where they are and which of them are actually the one we want to focus on. I don´t want to spoil everything, but did you know that the well known Sixpack contains only one muscle? Get the full knowledge here.

Nutrition – what, when and how much to eat

To eat well is one of the best things you can do in life, not only when you are after a SixPack. In my nutrition guide I kill one or two myths, explain why a healthy diet is so important and what you have to do from now on. I know you will love this chapter because this will get you much faster to your SixPack than you could ever imagine.


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